Have you ever wondered that what makes certain children more independent, spontaneous and competent than their peers or classmates? Well, it is simply due to the development of self-reliance skills in the child. Self-reliant children are self-sufficient and possess inner resources required to dodge or handle any curveball thrown by life in their way. Such children have high ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self -confidence’ levels that embolden them to take responsibility for their actions and rarely depend on adults for every little thing. Hence, it is suggested to inculcate the virtue of self-reliance in kids in order to prepare them to face all adversities of life.

Here are some helpful suggestions for parents that can help our little ASPAMIANS evolve as ‘self-reliant’ individuals.

  1. Avoid doing every task for them and let the child follow the trial and error formula. Learning through this method remains more impactful in the long run.
  2. Let them make mistakes and learn from them.
  3. Include extracurricular activities in your child’s daily routine to help develop autonomy and individuality.
  4. Allow them to explore the environment.
  5. Let them make mistakes and learn from them.
  6. Make them understand the difference between right and wrong during discussions.
  7. Assign them various tasks and involve them in day –to- day chores by reframing the term as “household contributions”.
  8. Use positive impactful language that helps in building your child’s self- esteem.
  9. Focus on your child’s strengths.
  10. Provide your child with a sense of control that makes them feel independent.
  11.  Spend quality time with your child.
  12.  Provide continuous reinforcements to boost your child’s sense of autonomy. Include words like “well done” “I am proud of you” and “great job” in your daily vocabulary.

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