ASPAM Scottish, Schools in Noida is helping their student get used to the virtual world and are going on a slow pace so that students can easily catch up with it. It is essential for schools to make sure if their students are going at the same pace, or else it would get difficult for them in the future if they lag. Online schooling, also known as virtual schooling/learning has come to the rescue since COVID 19 has pandemic has disrupted the traditional lifestyle of people across the globe. Education has changed dramatically with the rise of e-learning as a lot of schools have shifted its base to virtual classes to ensure no lockdown to education and learning. Moreover, it has created opportunities for students to seek help from their teachers and peers whenever required. 

 Perceived as a panacea to combat all the educational related issue during this time, technology has been considered central to the reform of school education and have gained unprecedented momentum during the pandemic. However, there are challenges to overcome. Students without reliable internet or insufficient technology face problems to participate in learning digitally. Nevertheless, learning online can be more effective in several ways for students who have access to the right technology.

Some research shows that relatively e-learning requires 40-60% less time to learn than in a classroom setting because students can learn at their pace. However, the efficacy of virtual learning varies amongst age groups. Younger children get easily distracted and need a structured environment for learning.

However, the best schools in Noida like ASPAM Scottish are trying to provide their children with a school environment, while taking their online classes. Keeping care about their development, apart from studies co-curriculum activities are also taken care of.

To get the full benefit of online learning, a student should treat their online classes with the similar attitude they would attend it face-to-face and sit at a location with the best network connection so that there is no problem faced while attending the class. 

Evaluating both pros and cons of virtual learning, we have realized that no matter what, technology has broadened too far greater horizons than perhaps ever imagined. It has made us ready to face the challenge of efficient learning in this environment, as well as embrace the opportunities it has to offer.

Therefore, Virtual learning has become the new normal that we have to live with until we go back to the traditional ways.

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