“Learning together even when we are apart.”

An unimaginable educational scenario is the most unprecedented consequences of Covid19 pandemic. A shift from the known territory, physical classroom turned to virtual classroom without premises, classrooms without walls, textbooks substituted by web resources. Aspam Scottish- Best Schools in Noida took a mammoth leap, a swift shift happened almost overnight under the leadership of Executive Principal Ms. Meenakshi Zarabi and with the help of IT professionals as well as the progressive teachers who are always ready to take up challenges. But the upheaval in the education system due to pandemic actually opened new horizons to the entire teaching-learning process and literally the teachers found that ‘the sky is the limit.’ In Aspam lovely collaboration happened between parents, teachers and students and distance learning became highly effective.

Aspam Scottish-Top Schools in Noida adapted new instructive techniques to impart age appropriate education and attain the proposed learning objectives. Practicing and implementing new age teaching methods and integrating and blending innovative techniques by using digital platform made distance learning more fun and engaging. Teachers are using multiple tools to make classrooms more interactive ,tools such as Mentimeter, Quizziz, My Quiz, Padlet, Kahoot, live worksheets, MS Forms, topic related Videos ,Flip classes are the most effective ones.

Aspam Scottish one of the Best School in Noida didn’t stop with teaching only but went on to be the pioneer of digital learning platform where aspects of holistic development of a child has also been taken care of even during remote learning scenario. Special Assemblies, Friday and Saturday Activities, Dance, Music, Games , Yoga  Vacation Enrichment Camp, Reinforcement classes, Assessments, Award winning interschool performances, Olympiads, Neltas, Celebrations of special occasions, Webinars,  Parental Engagement and the list is endless. We can now see more research oriented, organized, and digitally sound students all equipped with 21st century skills.

Distance teaching-learning is an experience. Let’s be positive, prolonged confinement has given a chance to enhance our skills –set for 21st century learners. So ‘it’s not just about ideas, It’s about making ideas happen’.

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