Ms. Meenakshi ZarabiExecutive Principal

“Every child deserves a champion-an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be”, Schools in Noida

Ms. Meenakshi Zarabi

Early childhood education has always been a challenge to everyone since its beginning. The youngest members of the school system, prior to their joining Schools in Noida, live under a sheltered and protected world where their needs are looked into and cared for and when they join school, their world is shattered … they are alone without their support system and have to do their everyday tasks on their own. This causes anxiety and annoyance among the toddlers and crying resonates across the Primary wing.

The scenario in the present times is a little different. The students are getting education but at their own pace. They do not have to get up early in the morning, they attend only 2 classes of 40 minutes from the comforts of their homes, their parents are with them, some of them are even seen slouching during the classes and have acquired the habit of ‘on-screen’ learning.

The challenges of future of early education would start when they will join the school. They would have a routine –they may have to physically come to school which means getting up early, changing into school uniform, travelling to reach their school and then the most disheartening part—to be separated from their parents and missing the cosines of their homes. These children have been staying at their homes during virtual classes and thus do not have the necessary social skills, thus, seeing so many people around them would undoubtedly make them fretful. The children presently are habituated to the four walls of their houses where they eat, play and even study but in the school, they will have to visit their play area, dining area and classroom for learning. These children have not yet seen the school building, so the vastness of space may trigger their apprehension and raise security concerns in their tender minds.

So in a nutshell, post pandemic, the challenges that lie ahead are -developing in children the eagerness and willingness to come to school, to interact, mingle and inculcate a bond with their teachers and fellow mates, to develop a routine of being regular and punctual, to nurture trust, acceptance of separation from parents and cosiness of homes, and above all, to put in ‘extra’ efforts so that we can ensure a naughty yet endearing smile on the faces of our fledgling learners…

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