Every parent search for various ways to make their newborn have a peaceful sleep independently. However, a lot of information provided Schools in Noida on diverse platforms ends up making parents confused and indecisive. Therefore, we have gathered an informative answer to all your queries. In the following article, you will learn about ways to make train your child has a long calm nap. 


For those, who are not aware of the term ‘sleep training’, it mainly refers to teaching your toddler to fall asleep independently. It helps both parents, and the child to have a more pleasant sleep. It primarily depends on the baby’s development. Majorly, it can be taken into consideration between 4 and 6 months of age of your newborn, so eventually they get habitual of it. 

Let us Know a few ways: 

  • Make your child learn the difference between day and night. Introduce them with terms that make them easily distinguish between the two. For example, make them understand the difference between different concepts; breakfast and dinner, sunlight and moon. Offer them quality time to play in the morning and interact with everyone around them. Ultimately, after a few weeks, they will get a hang of it. 
  • Be Persistent with their routine: Do not make major changes in your newborn’s routine. It will get harder to make them adapt to frequent changes in their routine. Set time for their feeding, playing, and sleeping. It will generate a message in your baby about the different activities during a different time of day. 
  • Make them follow a basic bedtime routine. Listening to lullaby or songs, or feeding them a few hours before sleeping will help signal that it is time for sleep. 
  • Make them do different activities during the daytime. Take them out for a walk or play with them to make them tired at the end of the day. Sticking to physical activities will make them exhausted at the end of the day.
  • Avoid letting them take longer naps during the day. More hours of nap will make your child extremely active during the night. Ultimately, they will fail at going to sleep in the night. 

By the time your child will get older, his/her sleep routine will start to solidify into a stable schedule. Resulting in making you aware of their pattern. Having a solid sense, you could easily plan your day accordingly. 

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Hence, there are tons of methods to train your child to sleep. However, the points mentioned above are quite basic and successful. Trying them patiently out with your toddler can help them have a better sleep every night. 

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