Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our kids in the same manner in which we were taught. Being “always online” can help kids to learn and connect with others more easily than they ever did before and that’s how most of them keep in touch with school, friends and family, take online classes, do their homework, undertake research and even participate in online activities in ASPAM Scottish School – Best School in Noida.

However, like any communication tool, it does have its downsides. Online safety is one of the biggest issues that we face in child protection. Parents and teachers should work together as a team, towards creating the best possible safe learning environment for children in Top Schools in Noida by teaching them the need of using internet more safely.

A few tips that can be followed are-

  • As a parent, educate yourself about child protection while they are using internet.
  • Keep checking privacy settings.
  • Download parental apps.
  • Have regular conversations about the importance of online safety, respectful interactions and responsible behaviour.
  • Encourage the kids to critically think about what they read and see online.
  • Latest Kids Online Safety Statistics states that 70% of kids encounter sexual or violent content online while doing homework research.

Therefore it’s a basic necessity that all adults in a child’s life take responsibility to teach them about internet safety. It’s important to create tech savvy generation simultaneously it is also imperative to provide them a safe environment.

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