Five most important tips that will help you become a Peaceful Parent

The peaceful parenting approach gives a broader understanding of the dynamics between the parent and the child. This is in contrast with traditional parenting approaches which often focus on the child’s behavior in isolation, often using punishment as a strategy for modifying behavior.

 Now, the question that arises is about the necessity of parenting peace.  A parent gaining a greater awareness of their child’s attachment and developmental needs leads to a greater motivation to understand the parenting tools that hold the value of parent child relationship at the core.

We at ASPAM Scottish one of the best CBSE Schools in Noida, organize Parental engagement programs on a regular basis. Here we discuss approaches to parenting challenges in a more constructive way and believe that it’s equally important for the parent to be aware of:

(a) What they’re modelling through their responses to their child

(b) The importance of trying to meet the underlying needs that may be driving the behavior

 (c) The skills that the child needs to develop for future situations

(d) The connection, care and warmth in the relationship are the biggest contributing factor towards a child’s behavior and needs to be preserved.

The peaceful parenting philosophy that one of the top schools in Noida ASPAM Scottish communicates equips parents with the tools of transition to a non-punitive connection based parenting approach.  It’s based on past and current research and at its core is the recognition that brings about a long lasting positive change. Parents thus need to gain a better understanding of what their child needs in their growth and development.

Aspam Scottish School ,one of the best schools in Noida understands that necessary change needs to happen first and foremost at the emotional level, which is why peaceful parenting puts equal focus on helping parents develop the self-awareness and emotional self-regulation skills needed to change. Many parents feel hopeless, helpless, scared and discouraged when they are unable to stop unwanted behaviors or emotional difficulties.

Five most important tips for a peaceful parenting are:

1. Self-Realization – To solve a problem, first you have to know there’s a problem. Look into the child’s eye when you yell at him, just see his reaction, it is sometimes not his mistake, it is our anxiety, stress and frustrations or it may be just any trivial reason. Whatever you are yelling at a child becomes their inner voice but if you pay attention to these small factors, it may give you a reason to change.

2. Treat the source – You will discover that there is a link between anxiety and anger. So, what reduces the anxiety? It is exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep and prayer or meditation. For some, medication is necessary.

3. Hold yourself accountable -You as a parent are accountable for the child’s behavior. Awareness is necessary.  Begin each day with a meditation and be kind, wise and gentle and see how the magic moves around.

4. Celebrate your accomplishments- It is so important to reward ourselves as parents and one of the ways we can do this is by engaging in self-care as well as verbally telling ourselves that ‘I am proud of myself today’ . You will see faces of your children light up when you respond with kindness and patience even when children fight.


5. Clear communication, boundaries and limits – Peaceful parenting is based on clear and patient communication and trust in the child’s basic goodness.  When a child doesn’t respond to his parent, instead of raising your voice, make physical contact, come down to his level, touch him kindly and give him unconditional love.

Just simply remember that when we can raise our insight and awareness into how we feel, we can make changes in how we react thus we only have to develop ourselves in being good for the betterment of our children.


Meenakshi Zarabi

Executive Principal

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