Powerful Ways to Raise Healthy Kids

Positive Parenting behaviours are those that nurture the development of child’s core abilities. Rather than focusing on kids’ weaknesses and deficits, positive parenting involves emphasis and loving attention on building a child’s strengths and resilience.

Be a role model— Be a good role model for your children by eating healthy foods and being healthy. Children are more likely to eat healthy foods if parents do so as they follow the footsteps of their parents. Instead of offering rewards to your kids for eating healthy food it’s better to tell them the importance of veggies and fruits in a person’s life and they should be taught to be consume them regularly which with the passage of time turn will become a habit. More so children who have regular meals with their families become more successful in almost every area.

Be happy yourself—Your happiness quotient too affects how happy and successful your kids are. Studies have shown that emotional problems in parents are linked to emotional problems in their children. Happy families celebrate all the occasions in the family -both the small and big things; the end of a busy week, a good grade, holidays, festivals. The celebration can be just as simple as going to the park together, or throwing a surprise party.

Be a patient listener—Listening to what your children want to share with you is vital if you want them to be happy and successful. One such powerful way is to give them full attention whenever they speak. This would mean that you have to put aside your newspaper, electronic devices or any other type of work as you really need to show them that you are really listening to what they have to say.

Manage emotions—- Children should be taught to manage their emotions as the children who can control their emotions are able to focus better and enjoy better physical health. Thus regularisation of emotions is important for attaining long term success. The can be  helped  children manage their emotions by demonstrating to them emotional self-management, empathise with them, explain that all feelings are acceptable, but not all behaviours. And most importantly acknowledge their progress.

Build strong relationship —– Having strong relationship is vital for children’s growth and psychological well-being. Parents must respond appropriately to their children’s emotional cues. By doing so, their children feel more secure and this lays foundation of self –esteem. Parents should create an environment for their children to form friendships and at the same time teach them to resolve conflicts amicably.

Enough sleep —-Remember to tell the children who get insufficient sleep. Make them understand that insufficient sleep leads to poorer brain function, they can’t focus well, are more likely to become obese and be less creative. Thus to help children get enough sleep, establish a consistent bedtime routine and limit stimulating activities after dinner. Ensure that blue light from electronic devices that affects sleep patterns should be far away from your child while he is going to bed. Focusing on the process of achievement is important than focusing on desired result. Children who concentrate on effort and attitude –not on desired result – end up attaining greater success in the long run. So, look out for opportunities to acknowledge your children’s good behaviour, attitude and effort. As time goes by, they will naturally achieve better outcome.

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