“A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute” — Edward

4. Mess: When parents try to get children to pick up their stuff around the house, they usually use one of two unproductive approaches, first nagging the kids and second picking up after them. Instead, when items are not picked up, try “ransoming” the items by putting the items in a box the child can’t access.

Ensure that the child then has to do a small chore clearing the dinner table or cleaning their own room and it’s appropriate to the value of the item they want back. Keep collecting and ransoming items until your child understands that they have a responsibility to the larger community in which they live.

5.Miscommunication: A lot of tangled communication happens when your child expresses and “tests” out ideas and feelings quite different from your own. When your child says something that sets off alarm bells in your head, resist the natural impulse to point out the flaws in their thinking. Ask a couple of questions before stating your reaction but the effectiveness of your questions will depend on how curious and respectful you really are. Your child will know by the tone of your voice and your facial expressions that they are not unnecessarily sermonized and if it happens then there is a much better chance that they will listen to your viewpoints.

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