Useful Tips To Nurture Curiosity

 Curiosity is what drives us to learn new things, which is why curiosity is essential in the education process. Curiosity is a big part of academic performance. But how can we nurture curiosity in young children? To develop this skill, best Schools in Noida teach socio-emotional skills like imagination, innovation, invention, focus and the ability to form relationships and manage feelings.

Some of the ways to nurture curiosity are –

1. Change the routine

It is important for kids to have a daily routine but occasional small changes in their daily habits can stimulate their brain to think in different ways, which will provoke curiosity. Schools ensure that their children are taught in new creative ways to keep the interest of the children high.

2. Surprises

Positive surprises can enhance a child’s curiosity. Parents could leave a good morning note under the pillow, organize a treasure hunt for a snack, etc.

3. Open-ended stories

Tell stories with open ends so that they can use their imagination to finish the story.  Ask them to come up with a new title, encourage them to start the story or continue with it. They can be asked to find different ends for the same stories. This will keep them  attentive and interested.

4. Travel and visit new places

One of the main reasons why we travel is to satisfy our curiosity and traveling makes us more curious. Take kids to different places to experience new cultures, see diverse places and meet new people.

 5.  Teach the child how to observe

Teach the child that when it comes to curiosity, observation is the most important tool that they have. Encourage them to observe the world around them and train their senses to notice things that are exciting, interesting and mysterious.

6. Allow the child to make mistakes

When the child is frustrated with an activity or project, the natural inclination is to step in to help. But making mistakes then thinking about how to get past them is an essential part of staying curious. One can offer them guidance and encouragement, but not solutions. The most important thing that is taught about mistakes is that they are not failures, they are invaluable learning opportunities.

7Talk to the child about how curiosity works

Teach the child how curiosity has shaped the world, from the areas of technology to medicine to the government. They will be amazed to find out how many simple things in our daily lives, like light bulbs, cars, computers, etc, were developed because of curiosity, which includes the process of asking, imagining, planning, designing and creating.

8. Experimentation

Encourage the child to try out different approaches when engaged in tasks and solving problems. Setting methods will never help curiosity. Let them experiment and innovate. Experimentation will lead to divergent thinking, which is a very important aspect of a curious mind. At one of the Best Schools in Noida, we encourage kids to show their skills and improve to become well-versed in anything they best at.

9.  Ask questions

By asking questions to the kids, their brain stimulates and makes them think about different possible solutions to a problem or matter.

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