Actionable Study Tips for Students During Lockdown Period

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COVID-19 has a huge impact on our daily lives!

Everything has come to a halt because of the strict lockdown. Whether it is government educational institutions, schools, universities, colleges, everything is temporarily shut down due to the widespread coronavirus.

Due to this lockdown, it is difficult for students to stay homebound. However, there is one positive thing that we have sufficient time. So students, rather than wasting this moment, take out some benefits by studying at home.

We, at one of the Top Schools in Noida, are sharing some effective study tips for students during the lockdown period.

  1. Find the Suitable Study Area

Because of lockdown, everyone is at home, so it can be quite difficult for a student to study in isolation. So, firstly find the organized study area where you can focus on your studies properly without any disturbance from anyone in the house. Whether it’s your room or table with a chair in the corner, your study area should be well-organized.

2. Make A Proper Schedule

It is crucial to make a proper schedule because proper planning will assist you in studying viably at home. As you have an entire day so making a proper schedule will help you organize your time. In your time table, you must likewise plan your break time and fun activity time. Make a time table as per your subject.

3. Take Notes

While you are learning at home, it is important to make notes. Include all the details of the sources and ensure that you note down every single detail that you considered. It will help you in future for the exam preparation. Taking the notes doesn’t imply copying every word given in the book. Ensure that you jot down important definitions as well as difficult words to memorize.

4. Video Lectures

Video lectures are amongst the best approaches to study at home. In video lectures, you can study everything without any problem. You have a few alternatives to choose from various topics. During this lockdown period, you can simply study at home by viewing online videos. From online videos, not just in the lockdown period, but you can also study efficiently in normal days. Because as per the present scenario, learning is the best way of studying. You have different platforms that help you access video lectures.

5. Set Your Time to Study

Every student has different productive differences. A few students choose to study in the morning and some in the night. So, for an effective study during the lockdown period, it is crucial to pick your favourite time. To study properly, find out your productive time and make the most of it. However, if you are not studying at a productive time, then your brainpower won’t be working appropriately, and you are unable to remember anything that you have learnt. For effective learning, choose to learn at the time which is productive for you and you are alert since this will assist you with remembering the things that you have learned.

6. Eat and Sleep Properly

To study efficiently at home because of the lockdown, it is important to take healthy diet because it will boost your immune system. Eat fruits and vegetables such as ginger, broccoli, orange, spinach and some more. Alongside eating healthy food, it is additionally imperative to take a sound sleep because taking proper rest will likewise help you to study with full focus. Sleeping early will help you revive your mind.

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