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Vedic Mathematics a collection of techniques to solve mathematical arithmetic more easily and smartly, has been included in the curriculum of ASPAM Scottish, one of the Schools in Noida. It was discovered by an Indian mathematician called Jagadguru Shri Krishna Tirthaji. He later published his findings in a Book called Vedic Mathematics Book.

Hence, Vedic Mathematics has always been known as a collection of Sutras. It comprises 16 Sutra, also called formulae, and 13 sub-sutras, called sub formulae. Those sutras can be used for various problems in arithmetic, geometry, calculus, algebra, and conics.


Using a regular way of solving mathematical problems sometimes get complex and time-consuming. However, using Vedic Mathematics in solving problems makes numerical calculations faster and simpler.

Thus, it essential to make children get used to Vedic Math tricks and concepts at an early age to build a strong foundation. Some of the common benefits of using Vedic Math Techniques are: It reduces the burden of memorizing long and difficult concepts, it helps in making intelligent decisions to complex problems, it increases the child’s concentration and their determination to learn the skills. For better understanding in all fields of education and improving intelligence by learning fundamentals and alternate methods, Vedic Mathematics should be introduced in every school. It does not only remove the phobia of math but also make learning easier and more fun for children.

Therefore, ASPAM Scottish, one of the best schools in Noida, has come up with Vedic Classes in their curriculum to make calculations faster and accurate in mathematics. It has proved to be very helpful in all fields of education.

Vedic mathematics has also been proven to enhance reasoning, analysis, and synthesis ability.

The purpose of ASPAM Scottish, one of the top 10 schools in Ghazibad, is not limited to improving performance in the school or tests, but on providing a broader outlook resulting in improved mathematical intelligence and mental sharpness.

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