How to End Homework Battles

“To be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities, do your homework today. Learn, refine your skills, and focus on growth.”

Battle around homework issues is a common household problem these days. Let’s be a bit empathetic and understand why this eight-lettered word ‘homework’ makes children rebellious. After a long day of school it’s hard for a child to dig into more school work. So to solve this issue we need to focus on certain steps that can be helpful.

  • Let’s discuss –A productive discussion is key to set things right. The child should be given the chance to speak first, they should be allowed to share their feelings related to homework, then they can be asked about their preference regarding suitable time to do their homework, do they prefer to complete them in the evening or after dinner or right after coming from school? They need to be told about the importance of doing homework regularly so a schedule needed to be fixed. Instead of imposing rules it’s always better to involve them in decision making, as they take the decisions they feel like following them.
  • A congenial place to study – A quiet place with everything from books, notebooks, sharpened pencils, colours, all kinds of stationaries, and tech support required can make things smooth and hassle free.
  • Adequate snack – It’s important to look after the health of the kid, so time to time healthy snack and water needed to be provided to them to energise and assure them that they are taken care of. Fix play time as well.

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