Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Home-CBSE Schools in Noida

“Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility”. ~Dietrich Bonheoffer

The word “accountable” itself means taking responsibility for one’s actions where each member of the family is responsible for how they react to demanding situations. It’s vital to talk about “accountability” as without understanding the significance of accountability, kids blame others for their actions and find ways to justify their behaviour.

Giving consequences:

It is important to frame a transparent rule that no one in the family would get away with changing the rules to fit their needs or feelings and children in the family should be made aware that if they choose to break the rules, there will be a consequence that they have to face for that choice.

How to Be Clear about Expectations and Set Clear Limits:

A Culture of Accountability needs to be developed at home where each person is responsible for his/her own actions for following the rules, irrespective of what someone else does.

Use Cueing:

Ask children to frame rules and once your children have come up with the rules, you can use “cueing” by giving them a reminder of what is expected. They should be made responsible for following their rules.

Use Consequences to Hold Your Child Accountable:

 Once you have framed and discussed the rules and helped your children understand them, let them know what they can expect to see happen if they still choose to break the rules. Ensure to follow the consequences as without clear consequences, there is no real incentive for your child to become accountable so begin with a ‘Culture of Accountability’ in your home.

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